The Leaning Tower of Pisa

I didn’t really want to go see the Leaning Tower. My thoughts were: why do I want to go see a tower just because it’s wonky? Why did it even become a tourist attraction? The Italians are like hey! We’re so bad at architecture that we couldn’t even build a straight tower, I know! let’s turn it into a tourist attraction! Plus, I get very car sick so I’m never exactly keen to drive anywhere.

It is actually impressive though and I now understand why it is so famous. It’s bigger than I had expected and not white like it looks in the photos but a nice creamy stone colour with patterns on some of the arches.

In fact, we even did the corny photos that everyone else does, it’s actually fun! We had a great time thinking up more unique things to do rather than just the usual, hold-it-up pose.

It took ages to take a photo of this pose and try and make it so that my sister’s feet looked like they were holding the tower up. We gave up trying to get a perfect photo when my wrists started hurting from holding here up

I decided that it was worth the trip after all.

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