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Hiking Recipe to make Peanut Butter More Edible- Sesame Snaps

Is it just me or do you all include a lot of peanut butter in your hiking rations? It’s the perfect hiking food. It’s cheap, it’s high in calories and has heaps of good fats along with fibre and protein. Plus, you don’t need to cook it!

That all sounds good – until you’re a month into your hike and the idea of yet more peanut butter makes you feel nauseous. You start to hate the way it glugs up your mouth and even the smell of it is horrible.

That’s why I came up with this recipe. It tastes WAY better than peanut butter by itself. Yes, in another month I’ll probably be sick of it too but then I’ll just work out another way to eat it.


Peanut Butter the thing you’re trying to cover up the taste of.

Honey, the sweetener.

Sesame Seeds, to provide the crunch.


It’s quite simple, stick it all in a pot and mix it up. I don’t use any specific ratios. Just whatever I have at the time so every batch tastes a bit different.

Then stuff it all back into the jars you just emptied. If it doesn’t fit stick it in a zip-lock bag. Or just eat the extra.

Peanut butter Hiking Recipe


Chia seeds you can also put heaps of chia seeds in if you have them, although they do suck the moisture out and make it a little dry.

Other Sweeteners, We found out that rice malt syrup also works well, although you have to use more of it then honey as it’s less sweet. You could also try maple syrup or treacle and see if that’s any good.

Sunflower Seeds or Linseeds, I haven’t tried either of these yet but I think that they would work and add extra nutrition.

Do you have any ideas?

What about the rest of you hikers? How do you eat your peanut butter? If you have any tips and tricks please share them below.


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