Gabrielle George

Teenage World Traveller


2075 km Through the Outback

In Australia
On August 17, 2019
Mum got a nursing placement in Alice Springs so we needed to drive from Townsville to Alice. It's not far she said, only 2075 km (1290 miles). She's not the one squished in the back of the car with a half-broken seat. I'll give her not...


On August 5, 2019

Holli and Asha came sprinting back to the van after going for a run along the river and told us that they'd seen a Crocodile! We got the bikes out.


Toulouse to Berlin

In Europe
On April 2, 2019
We left the apartment early on the 17th of march and drove to Toulouse. We dropped Shaz (the hire car we'd had for the past six months) off near the airport. We walked around in a few circles at the airport, mildly lost before finding the...
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