The Henley-on-Todd Regatta

Or should I just say the Henley-on-Todd parade?

The Henley-on-Todd Regatta is the only dry river regatta in the world and is the only regatta ever cancelled because of wet weather.

The funniest thing is we didn’t even want to go to start with. We were just going to stay at home and have a cruisey day but luckily Holli and Asha decided that they wanted to see the parade.

We got to the main street before it started, in time to take some photos with the Viking team.

I asked for a photo with the two Vikings above and before I knew it, they’d thrown me up onto their shoulders like I weighed nothing!

First came the Viking’s ship. They were bellowing “Go the Vikings!” and brandishing their swords and axes. The Vikings on board threw out lollies to the onlookers.

Next came an array of smaller boats.

Then came a lot of done up cars. Our favourite was the camel car. You can see that it’s fury all over and has a hump. The man inside told us to look at the tongue, it’s a real taxidermy camel’s tongue, before spraying us with twin jets of water from its mouth!

Bringing up the rear was the pirate ship. The pirates were bellowing “Go the Pirates!”. They were also throwing out lollies, plus giving out pirate hats, flags, cutlasses and eye patches to the kids to try to gather more support for their team.

We didn’t end up going to the actual regatta with he races and competitions. The parade was enough for us.

Now, Dad’s been yelling “GO THE VIKINGS!” constantly. I think it’s permanently stuck in his head.

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