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Teenage World Traveller

We went for a day trip from Nanna’s house to Grant’s Picnic Ground. The sulphur-crested cockatoos always swarm you and bully the smaller birds, but we tried out best to let some of the king parrots and rosellas have some seed.

After feeding the birds we did a 500-meter bushwalk. It felt pointless doing such a short walk, we normally do walks that are at least a few km, but some of us were really cold and didn’t want to go far.

On the walk, we saw a wombat’s burrow, but as it was daytime, no wombat.

It feels slightly strange to be a tourist in your own country again but it’s so much easier. We didn’t get lost on the way there and we drove on the left side of the road. We didn’t do anything we shouldn’t, we could read all the signs and we understood the currency!


  1. I agree! So much easier, but the difficulties add a bit of spice. And it was so regimented – medieval castles in Croatia are freely accessible, but we need to pay and go into a fenced area to feed birds here?

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