50 Things that Make Me Happy Tag

I know this isn’t a travel post but we’ve done so much in the last week that I don’t even know where to start. So, I chose the lazy approach by doing this post instead and putting off the travel stuff till next time.

I was nominated for 50 Things that Make Me Happy tag, thanks Sophie!

This is her blog https://thegirlinthewhiteshirt.home.blog you really should go check it out.

So, here they are, 50 things that make me happy, in no particular order. Yes, I know that I’m kind of repeating myself in it but fifty is a lot of things think of.

1. Playing the violin

2. Playing the guitar.

3. playing the Keyboard.

4. Painting

This is the best painting I’ve done.

5. Eating any kind of bread products but especially flat breads.

6. Writing.

7. Baking.

8. Hot weather.

9. Swimming at the Beach.

10. Crocheting.

11. Designing extremely complicated historical and Steampunk costumes.

12. Drafting the patterns for those costumes.

13. Sewing the costumes.

14. Knotting ridiculously complicated bracelets.

15. Beating boys in races.

16. Beating anyone at anything.

17. Listening to new music.

18. Reading.

19. Learning German on Duolingo.

20. Trying out new languages just to see what they’re like, on Duolingo.

21. Bad puns.

22. Even worse dad jokes.

23. Rereading the Harry Potter books.

24. Hot cocos when it’s cold.

25. Drawing.

26. Good views.

27. Busking.

28. Wrestling.

29. Libraries.

30. Getting high scores in a competition.

31. Finding good books that I haven’t already read.

32. Making a funny joke that everyone laughs at.

33. Beating my sisters in any kind of competition.

34. Getting fun stuff in the mail.

35. Playing strategic board games.

36. Reading a book in one sitting.

37. Working on writing projects with my sisters.

38. Cracking codes.

39. Talking around a campfire.

40. Gardening.

41. Learning a new skill.

42. Practising new defence moves on my poor sisters.

43. Crossing everything out on my to-do list.

44. Fantasy novels.

45. Getting given the biggest piece of cake.

46. Shoes that don’t fall apart right away.

47. Being able to find what I’m looking for (I’m always losing things)

48. Walking around at night.

49. Knowing all the words to a song so that I can sing along.

50. Not needing to sit in the back seats of the car.

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If anyone else wants to do it that I haven’t nominated, feel free to just pretend I did!


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